TOBA’s programs support our mission to improve the economics, integrity and pleasure of the sport on behalf of owners and breeders. Through our commitment to recruiting new owners to the industry, providing education through our clinics and seminars and enhancing owner and breeder experiences through programs such as the TOBA Owners Concierge and Sales Integrity Program. TOBA is the advocate for Thoroughbred owners and breeders.

Seminars, Clinics and Webcasts

TOBA offers educational, non-commercial seminars and clinics for prospective, new and established owners. TOBA’s goal is to provide industry participants with the knowledge necessary to improve the likelihood for success in the Thoroughbred business.

DateLocationTopicTOBA MemberNon-Member
March 8, 2019Ocala, Fla. Pedigree & Conformation Clinic$75$125
June 1 - 2, 2019Lexington, KyBreeding Clinic$300$375
August 5 - 6, 2019Saratoga Springs, N.Y.Pedigree and Conformation Clinic$270$330
October 2019 (TBD)Lexington, KyPedigree and Conformation Clinic
December 7, 2019Gulfstream Park
Hallandale Beach, Fla.
Ownership Seminar - Claiming Crown
This seminar provides a basic introduction to Thoroughbred ownership. Topics include how to build a racing stable, owner and trainer communications, common veterinary concerns, accounting and insurance issues, understanding racing partnerships and much more.

March 8, 2019 at Ocala, Florida Schedule:

9:45-9:55am- Check-in registration *coffee and pastries supplied
10:00am- Opening Remarks
10:20am-11:30am- Breeze show with Live Analysis
11:40am-12:30pm- Pedigree Analysis/Genetics Topics
12:30pm- Lunch *included and catered on site
12:50-1:55pm- Conformation and Consequences
2:00pm- Conformation Analysis at Barns
3:45pm- OBS Sales Acquisition and Auction Procedures
4:30- Cocktail Reception

This clinic allows participants a deeper understanding of the Thoroughbred pedigree and conformation. Pedigree discussions include general theory, such as in-breeding, out-crossing and nicking as well as overall conformational factors. Pedigree theories differ greatly, therefore it is important to be familiar with many perspectives. Conformation discussions include the identification of common conformation faults and the effects of those faults as well as a live conformation workshop. Like pedigree theory, there are varying opinions within the industry about acceptable conformation faults so it is important to consider varying perspectives. The two-day clinic includes farm tours.

June 1:
9:00 a.m. Registration and breakfast at the Courtyard by Marriott Beaumont/Airport location

Morning session: (Includes breakfast and lunch)
Current Concepts of Broodmare Nutrition, Laurie Lawrence, Ph.D.
Parasite Control, Martin Nielsen, DVM
Embryo Development, Karen Wolfsdorf, DVM

Afternoon session:(Transportation provided)
Depart for Rood & Riddle: Fertility and Fetal Sexing, Thomas Riddle, DVM

Depart for Darley:
Stallion Conformation- Evaluation, conformation and pedigree of stallions
Planning a Mating- Mating development, stallion contracts, analysis of stallion selection and accepting a mare

4:30 p.m. Depart for Courtyard Marriott:
We will walk to BruBurger for complementary appetizers and beverages upon return

June 2:
9:00 a.m. Check-in and breakfast at the Courtyard by Marriott Beaumont/Airport location

Morning session: (Includes breakfast and lunch) and Pedigree Reports, Tony Ottaiano
Nicking, Byron Rogers

Afternoon session: (Transportation provided)
Depart for December Farm
Foal Care, Foaling protocol, prep-kits, live evaluations
Blacksmith demonstration – Trimming of hoof, conformation examination, hands-on demo with foals
Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention – Rhodococcus, radiographs and vaccines
3:00 p.m. Depart for Courtyard Marriott

The Breeding Clinic is held in Lexington each year and consists of tours at three Kentucky Thoroughbred farms. Clinic topics include foal registration, pedigree theory, a conformation workshop, equine nutrition, equine business matters, foaling and farm management as related to Thoroughbred breeding.

All seminars and clinics are sponsored by The Horse. Our programs are held at various locations each year throughout North America.

Pedigree & Conformation Clinic – Ocala – March 2015

March 11-12, 2015 Ocala, Fla. Fourteen Thoroughbred owners and breeders gathered at Ocala Breeders’ Sales Company in Ocala, Fla. to learn from top industry professionals about the topics of pedigree and conformation. Tammy Gantt of

Thoroughbred Ownership Seminar – Hot Spring – February 2015

February 21, 2015 Hot Springs, Ark. The February 21 Thoroughbred Ownership Seminar at Oaklawn Park provided a wealth of information from both regionally- and nationally-recognized speakers. Bill McDowell, president of the Arkansas Thoroughbred Breeders’ and

Pedigree & Conformation Clinic – Lexington – October 2014

October 18-19, 2014 Lexington, Ky. TOBA held yet another successful educational event on the weekend of October 18-19 in Lexington, Ky. Thirty-three established and prospective owners and breeders attended the Pedigree & Conformation Clinic. Seven

“Over the two-day Pedigree & Conformation Clinic, there was ample time for interaction with the first-rate speakers TOBA had lined up, and a visit to Lexington-area horse farms gave attendees the perfect opportunity to put information presented in the classroom into practice. The clinic was extremely well-run, both from an education and a logistical standpoint, and I still use the knowledge gained during the clinic in my role as a Thoroughbred owner.”
Patti Davis, Hinsdale Ill.
“As a new owner, I found the TOBA seminars very useful. They provided substantive information on a number of important issues (likely expenses, tax and legal issues, different levels of investment, etc), and also provide a venue in which one can meet both experts in the field and other newcomers with whom to share notes. They open the door on a complicated but fascinating world.”
Kevin Brady, Skillman N.J.
“The biggest take-away from the clinic we attended was greater awareness of the breadth and depth of the industry. We really enjoyed the mix and quality of the presenters. By virtue of attending the clinic we have been able to take our learning and successfully embark on breeding the first two of our mares.”
Bruce Maller, Incline Village Nev.
“Thoroughbred horseracing is the one sport where little guys like you and me can successfully compete on the biggest stages of competition against the giants. TOBA and its Thoroughbred Ownership Seminars are invaluable resources to racing fans interested in making the jump to ownership. You won’t learn all the answers at an Ownership Seminar, but you will begin to be able to ask the right questions. I highly recommend anyone interested in becoming a race horse owner to join TOBA and to enroll in its educational programs.”
Christopher A. Sterbenz, Vienna Va.
“This seminar is a must for all people involved with the horse industry. The breadth of professional knowledge and information I gained from the varied disciplines, i.e., veterinarians, trainers, breeders, consignors and farriers, is priceless and is useful on a daily continuum. I adamantly believe in educating ourselves in what we are involved in and I cannot wait for the next clinic to attend!”
Ali Esparza, Ocala Fla.
“A TOBA clinic is the best way for Thoroughbred enthusiasts or race fans to learn more about what it takes and what it’s like to own a Thoroughbred. Whether you already own Thoroughbreds, want to own Thoroughbreds or just love the sport of racing Thoroughbreds, a TOBA clinic is for you. There is no better way to network with current members of the Thoroughbred industry and to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make a great Thoroughbred race horse. I plan on attending a TOBA clinic every year!”
Katherine Young, Monticello Minn.

About the International Thoroughbred Breeders Federation (ITBF)

History of the International Breeders Federation (ITBF)
Pre-2012 International Breeders’ Meeting (IBM)

During the 1950s and 60s, the Breeders’ Associations of Britain and Ireland (who share a common Stud Book) used to meet on a regular basis to discuss mutual issues. France joined them in 1968. This “Tripartite Group” met every year until 1973 with the venue alternating between the three countries. A representative from the USA joined shortly afterwards in 1974.

The whole purpose of these early meetings was to discuss problems common to each of those countries; to exchange information on equine diseases; to attempt to bring in uniform cataloguing standards, horse identity documentation, etc, and generally to obtain a better understanding of the breeding industry in each country.

In recent times the achievements of the ITBF are the establishment of the International Collating Centre in Newmarket; direct representation on the International Movement of Horses Committee; successful appeal to IATA to revise the conditions of air transport of pregnant mares, etc.

These four original countries considered themselves FULL members of this grouping. Other countries were initially invited as observers and later became Full Members having attended a sufficient number of Meetings. Current ITBF membership stands at sixteen Full Members from the major Thoroughbred producing countries of the world:

BRAZIL (2000)
CANADA (1983)
CHILE (2001)
FRANCE (original)
GERMANY (1985)
GREAT BRITAIN (original)
INDIA (2012)
IRELAND (original)
ITALY (1985)
JAPAN (2003)
USA (1974)

The ITBF ‘family’ also includes the following Associate Members; European Federation of TBAs (EFTBA); SWITZERLAND.

Historically, invitations have been issued to the widest possible range of countries, but sadly there is not always a response.

The emphasis at these meetings is on equine matters internationally. Over the years, we have achieved vast improvement in the wide dissemination of all kinds of equine information. Contacts have been made, and visitors from one country to another have been welcomed, due to links with these gatherings. Of the delegates present at meetings, most represent a country’s official Breeders’ Association. We do ask everyone to “Think International” during discussions, for that is the reason we are in existence!

At the 2012 meeting the IBM title was changed to emphasise the connection to the Thoroughbred, hence International Thoroughbred Breeders Federation (ITBF). The ITBF Mission Statement was also agreed:

• To provide a platform for member countries to reflect, solve problems, educate and create opportunities for mutual collaboration and assistance.
• To address the various external challenges and opportunities faced by the International Thoroughbred Breeding Industry.
• To act as a liaison body with racing and allied institutions and authorities, so that the International Thoroughbred Breeding Industry is represented and given space on worldwide forums.

Learn More

TOBA Owners Concierge

The Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association’s Owners Concierge is dedicated to the encouragement of excellence and growth in the horse racing industry by providing owners with exceptional customer service, timely information and access to local resources. The goal is to ensure an exciting and successful off-track as well as on-track experience by serving the diverse needs of Thoroughbred owners.

In this day and age with time being limited, the TOBA Owners Concierge is geared toward offering peace of mind by providing clear and concise information, presented in an organized and easily accessible format. The concierge service is an owner-based initiative that, both directly and indirectly, caters to the Thoroughbred owners’ needs, as well as serving as a liaison between the horse owner and the racetrack in addition to facilitating relations with the extended racing community.


Thoroughbred OwnerView

Thoroughbred OwnerView is a free information website developed jointly by The Jockey Club and Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association for new, prospective and current Thoroughbred owners. OwnerView includes a wealth of information about Trainers, Racing Syndicates, Getting Started, Licensing, Racetracks, Veterinary, Aftercare, Publications and State Incentive programs.

Read below for a brief description of what you will find on OwnerView.

Trainer Information
Racing Syndicates
Getting Started Owning Thoroughbreds
Owner Profiles
State Incentives
State Licensing
Publications & Books

Sales Integrity Program

At the behest of the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, the Sales Integrity Program Task Force was developed in response to an expressed desire within the Thoroughbred Industry to improve the opportunity for buyers at public auction sales to feel informed, understand the various aspects of the process and be confident they were being fairly treated. The project was specifically geared toward the needs of new investors, but not designed exclusively for them. At the same time, it is recognized that the interests of consignors, breeders, agents, veterinarians, trainers, sale companies and horses need also to be protected and that the Thoroughbred auction scene inherently involves risks for all concerned.

The 22-person committee spent many hours, over several months, developing a Code of Ethics for public auction. The Code of Ethics incorporates issues of disclosure of ownership, dual agency (the practice of an agent accepting a commission from the buyer for purchasing/bidding on the horse on the buyer’s behalf and also accepting any commission or other commercial benefit from any party involved with the selling/consigning of the same animal, without disclosing this) and includes a sample agent disclosure agreement and a veterinary dual agency agreement.

TOBA provides Sales Integrity Program literature and materials to all of the major sales companies for distribution and display at their auctions. TOBA works to provide the education necessary for owners and breeders to make informed decisions at public auction.


National Awards Dinner

Each year, TOBA honors owners and breeders from 24 states and Canada (TOBA state network). Also honored five Finalist for National Owner of the Year,  from those five TOBA names a National Owner of the Year, two National Breeders of the Year (small breeder/large breeder), Broodmare of the Year, Rood & Riddle Sport Horse of the Year, National HBPA Claiming Crown Horse of the Year, and the Robert N. Clay Award (recognizing a member of the Thoroughbred racing community who has made an outstanding contribution to preserving land for equine use).

The 33rd annual National Awards Dinner was held on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at the Woodford Reserve Club at Kroger Field in Lexington, Ky.

Click here for 2018 National Awards Dinner Program
Click here for 2018 State Awards Luncheon Gallery
Click here for 2018 National Awards Dinner Gallery

Awards Dinner Logo

Congratulations to our 2018 award winners!

State Breeders of the Year

Arkansas: McDowell Farm
California: Richard Barton
Canada: K-5 Stables
Florida: Charlotte Weber/ Live Oak Stud
Illinois: Nancy Vanier
Indiana: Michael E. and Penny S. Lauer
Iowa: Allen Poindexter
Kentucky: Charles Fipke
Louisiana: Bertram & Richard Klein
Maryland: Howard Bendor
Massachusetts: Joseph DiRico
Michigan: Lisa Campbell
Minnesota: Curtis Sampson
New Jersey: Isabelle Haskell de Tomaso
New York: Chester and Mary Broman
North Carolina: Nancy Shuford
Ohio: Robin Murphy
Oregon: James and Carol Owens
Pennsylvania: Elizabeth Moran
South Carolina: Franklin G. Smith, Sr.
Texas: Craig Upham
Virginia: Mr. Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin
Washington: Tim and Nicole Floyd

Finalist for Owners of the Year

eFive Racing
Juddmonte Farms
Rockingham Ranch
Winchell Thoroughbreds and Three Chimneys Farm

National Owner of the Year

eFive Racing

National Small Breeder of the Year

Isabelle Haskell de Tomaso

National Breeder of the Year

Charlotte Weber/ Live Oak Stud

National Broodmare of the Year

Win Approval

Claiming Crown Horse of the Year


Rood & Riddle Sport Horse of the Year


Robert N. Clay Award

George Strawbridge

Thank you to our 2018 Awards Dinner sponsors!

Thank you to the following dinner program advertisers. We appreciate your support!

Adena Springs/The Stronach Group
Andre Regard
Bourbon Lane Stables
Breeders’ Cup
California Thoroughbred Breeders Association
Claiborne Farm
Claiming Crown
Classic Legacy Thoroughbred Aftercare
Daily Racing Form
Florida Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders
UK College of Agriculture, Food & Environment
Indiana Thoroughbred Breeders Assocation
Iowa Thoroughbred Breeders Assocation
Jackson Family Wines
Juddmonte Farms
Kentucky Derby Museum
Kentucky Thoroughbred Association
Lane’s End Farm
Limestone Bank
Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association
McGriff Insurance

New York Thoroughbred Breeding & Development Fund
NTRA Advantage
NTRA Legislative
Retired Racehorse Project
Rhinebeck Equine
Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital
Shadwell Farm
Spendthrift Farm
Stoll Keenon Ogden
H.E. Tex Sutton
Texas Thoroughbred Breeders Assocation
The Horse
The Jockey Club Info-Equineline
The Pond Lady
Thoroughbred Breeders Association of New Jersey
Thoroughbred Charities of America
Thoroughbred Owners Conference
Visit Horse Country
West Point Thoroughbreds
West Virginia Breeders Classic
Winstar Famr
Woodford Reserve

Claiming Crown

Claiming Crown

The Claiming Crown is a partnership between the National Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association and the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association. The Claiming Crown was envisioned to be the claiming horse owner’s Breeders’ Cup; a special racing event, created for the sometime-forgotten “average owner,” and featuring some of the most competitive horses in the country. Every horse owner, regardless of the level at which their stable competes, has an equal chance to participate, as the Claiming Crown is open to all claiming horses irrespective of where they were foaled or race.

The Claiming Crown, which consists of nine races worth $1.1 million in purses, has been held annually since 1999 and has become the highlight on the racing calendar for horses which have started for claiming tags between $7,500 and $35,000.


Thoroughbred Charities of America



TCA’s mission is to provide a better life for Thoroughbreds, both during and after their racing careers, by supporting qualified repurposing and retirement organizations and by helping the people who care for them. TCA grants funds to organizations in four categories including: Thoroughbred retirement, retraining and rehoming; research; backstretch and farm employee programs; and equine-assisted therapy programs. With the support of the Thoroughbred industry, TCA has distributed over $21 million in grants to more than 200 Thoroughbred-related non-profit organizations. TCA is a 501(c) (3) organization, governed by a Board of Directors. TCA is the charitable arm of TOBA.

TCA’s largest annual fundraiser is a Stallion Season Auction held each January in Lexington, Kentucky. For more information please visit