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Seminars and Clinics

TOBA offers educational, non-commercial seminars and clinics for prospective, new and established owners. TOBA's goal is to provide industry participants with the knowledge necessary to improve the likelihood for success in the Thoroughbred business.

2015 Seminar and Clinic Schedule

Date Location Topic TOBA Member Non-Member
February 21 Hot Springs, Ark. Thoroughbred Ownership Seminar
$90 $140
March 11-12 Ocala, Fla. Pedigree & Conformation Clinic
$210 $270
March 29 Grand Prairie, Tex. Thoroughbred Ownership Seminar
$90 $140
April 18-19 Lexington, Ky. Thoroughbred Ownership Seminar
$125 $175
May 15-17 Lexington, Ky. Breeding Clinic
$450 $550
August 9-10 Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Pedigree & Conformation Clinic
$210 $270
August 12-13 Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Thoroughbred Ownership Seminar
$125 $175
October 17-18 Lexington, Ky. Pedigree & Conformation Clinic
Hotel room block reservation deadline: Sept. 30
$270 $330

Registration fee includes clinic and seminar educational materials, breakfast, lunch and farm visit(s) when applicable.
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Thoroughbred Ownership Seminar

This seminar provides a basic introduction to Thoroughbred ownership. Topics include how to build a racing stable, owner and trainer communications, common veterinary concerns, accounting and insurance issues, understanding racing partnerships and much more.

Two Thoroughbred Ownership Seminar videos are available for purchase:

Pedigree and Conformation Clinic

This clinic allows participants a deeper understanding of the Thoroughbred pedigree and conformation. Pedigree discussions include general theory, such as in-breeding, out-crossing and nicking as well as overall conformational factors. Pedigree theories differ greatly, therefore it is important to be familiar with many perspectives. Conformation discussions include the identification of common conformation faults and the effects of those faults as well as a live conformation workshop. Like pedigree theory, there are varying opinions within the industry about acceptable conformation faults so it is important to consider varying perspectives. The two-day clinic includes farm tours.

Breeding Clinic

The Breeding Clinic is held in Lexington each year and consists of tours at three Kentucky Thoroughbred farms. Clinic topics include foal registration, pedigree theory, a conformation workshop, equine nutrition, equine business matters, foaling and farm management as related to Thoroughbred breeding.

All seminars and clinics are sponsored by The Blood-Horse. Our programs are held at various locations each year throughout North America.

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